If you've been asked to be a speaker at our club meeting, congratulations and thank you! You were invited to speak because you are doing something of value to make our community and our world a better place. Read more for information about making the most of your presentation.
If you are not on our speaker list and would like to present to the club, please email us at info@geneseevalleyrotary.org and we will respond soon.
Your Audience
The Genesee Valley Rotary Club is a 40 member club of community leaders who are part of the Rotary International organization with 35,000+ clubs in 200 countries. Our club, like the others around the world is focused on community service both locally and worldwide.
Your Time
You will have 20 minutes to speak, please leave a few minutes at the end for questions. The luncheon meeting starts at 12:15 pm and ends at 1:15 pm with our speakers going on about 12:50 pm.
The Venue
We meet for lunch at the Redwood Steakhouse on Tuesdays from 12:15pm to 1:15pm in the Sequoia Room (click HERE for directions). A typical audience size is about 25. Lunch is served prior to a short business meeting before the speaker is introduced.
Information We Need From You
The club publishes a weekly upcoming speaker bulletin to about 100 members and friends of the club. You can help by sending to the email below four items:
  • Your job title if any;
  • A picture of yourself or something representing your organization;
  • A brief, one paragraph description of the subject of your talk;
  • A link to a website related to your talk.
Tech Support
The meeting is broadcast via Zoom as well as live and you are welcome to share the Zoom link with friends and colleagues. The room has two large screen TVs for showing PowerPoint presentations, please bring any A/V material on a memory stick. If you have additional needs or questions, please contact the email below.
Once again, thank you so much for what you do for our community and the taking of your time to speak to the club. For help and more information, please contact the club administrator at this address: