Speaker chairs for the Rotary year beginning 1 July 2019 and ending 30 June 2020. If you are viewing this chart as a potential speaker and would like to get on the schedule, please contact Club Services Chair Tom Svitkovich.
July 2019Jeff FerwedaNo meeting July 2
Aug. 2019Sally JosephGovernor's Visit Aug. 13, no additional speaker
Sept. 2019Tom CowanOffsite meeting Sept. 17, no speaker
Oct. 2019Connie TraceyNo speaker Oct. 15, Students of the Month
Nov. 2019
Ed Henneke &
Joe Reynolds
No speaker Nov. 19, Students of the Month
Dec. 2019Sharon Fouts
No speaker Dec. 3, Christmas Party
No meeting Dec. 24
No meeting Dec. 31
Jan. 2020Rory MattarNo speaker Jan. 15, Students of the Month
Feb. 2020
Rodney Hetherton &
Eddie Kindle
No speaker Feb. 18, Students of the Month
Mar. 2020Dennis Dinsmore
No speaker Mar. 17, Students of the Month
No speaker Mar. 30, Club Assembly
Apr. 2020George MehrensNo speaker Apr. 21, Students of the Month
May 2020Keith KirbyNo speaker May 19, Students of the Month
June 2020Dennis MatthewNo speaker June 30, Club Changeover Picnic