The fall Commit2Fit Challenge runs through the month of October and our club team needs your help. Sponsored by the Genesee County Health Coalition. The challenge is based on recording your physical activity on a daily basis in steps and/minutes of activity for the month. In the past, our club teams have always finished well, but never "in the money" (1st, 2nd or 3rd place). With your help we can get there this year!
Do you walk 6,000 steps per day during your normal activity and/or do you typically spend 40 minutes or more doing physical activity in your day? Then you can join our club team. If you don't do these things and would like to try,  you can also join our team. All it takes is a commitment to fitness and a little time to record your efforts.
How to Join
Go to , scroll down until you see this:
Log In if you already have an id/password from a prior year or Sign up if you are new this year. Once you are logged in, please contact team leader Tom Svitkovich to add your name to the club team.
How to Report
Return to the website periodically during the month to record your daily activity. You do not have to record every day, you can enter your numbers for several days at once.
That's it, easy to do. Let's win this year !