We proudly announce that construction is underway on the new Miracle League baseball field for handicapped children. The field, located in Mundy Township (see map) was financed through the efforts of the Miracle League of Greater Flint and a group of area Rotary Clubs, lead by Genesee Valley with contributions from the Rotary Club of Flint, the Fenton Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Flushing, the Greater Flint Sunrise Rotary Club, the Grand Blanc Rotary Club and a generous contribution from a Rotary Foundation District Grant.
The Miracle League of Greater Flint is a non-profit volunteer organization associated with over 300 other fields in US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Our field, when completed this summer, serve more than 10,000 children with disabilities and give them the opportunity to participate in sport like any other child can do.
The Miracle League concept started in 1999 by a Rotary Club in suburban Atlanta, Georgia which built a specially designed baseball field with cork covering instead of grass and barrier free dugouts and access. The concept spread across the US and Canada with other Rotary clubs helping to establish similar programs.
The MLGF field will be unique in many ways. It will feature a continuous flat rubberized surface. The pitcher’s mound, the bases, and all other features are incorporated into the surface using a color pattern to distinguish them, reducing tripping hazards for crutches or wheelchairs, and other assistive devices. Once the field is constructed, it will provide the opportunity for children with physical and emotional challenges to participate in the great game of baseball in an environment that is safe and supportive, designed to meet their needs. Mundy Township representatives on the Miracle League board include Chad Young, Kay Doerr and Shawna Farrell.
Flint area Rotary clubs provided the seating including a portable bleacher unit on wheels which can be towed to other fields in the complex for additional community use.